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Dance with Color - Celebrate Your Creativity

Colorful Folders full of Inspiration

I use manila folders as my paint palette boards. When they become full of thick, delicious color I use them as my Special Project folders. So instead of gathering project notes and files inside thin, boring, blah, I get to dive into color even before I open them up! So excited to share with you Read more about Colorful Folders full of Inspiration[…]

Felter’s Rendezvous

  A wonderful time at The Felter’s Rendezvous – high up in the Rockies, surrounded by snow covered peaks, herds of deer and elk, and creative, colorful women! Some memorable moments: Eating lunch outside in the sunshine then 2 hours later being treated to a howling snow storm Stella singing and playing pan flute Watching Read more about Felter’s Rendezvous[…]

Nestled in the Rockies

From sea level to 8100 feet, I’m transported into the raw, crisp air of the Rockies. From my absolutely darling cabin nestled above Estes Park Colorado, I’m watching the sun dance across snowy peaks and pine forests. I get to call this my home for a week and am so excited to teach Nuno Felting Read more about Nestled in the Rockies[…]

Nuno Felt Jackets with a Flair

  Playing around with design for my Nuno Felt Garden Jacket workshops. This whimsical style with flared sleeves and tie front suits me, while others prefer a bit more of a traditional box cut. The beauty is that this process is so versatile!   All made at one time (wet felting) with no seams or Read more about Nuno Felt Jackets with a Flair[…]

I will be Mindful

I will be Mindful of myself, my needs, my vulnerabilities. I will talk gently to myself. I will use words of kindness. I will smile at myself in the mirror every morning and every evening and let the warmth of my smile radiate through my body. I will use words that uplift, empower, support and Read more about I will be Mindful[…]

Artful Color in Nuno Felt has arrived!

From My Heart to Yours! Artful Color in Nuno Felt arrived at my door for the perfect Valentine’s Gift! I’ll be signing and shipping as many out today as I can so that I can share my heart with you!   To all of you who pre-ordered a book and to those of you who Read more about Artful Color in Nuno Felt has arrived![…]

Artwork in the Morso Gallery

Thought I would share a peek at one wall in the Morso Gallery in Gig Harbor WA – I love the lighting and how focused the owner (Steve) was in making sure the colors of my paintings flowed along the wall! My artwork will be on display at Morso until Sunday, Feb 18.

Art and Wine

Art and Wine make a lovely pairing! Morso Wine Bar in Gig Harbor is hosting a wine maker direct from Umbria on Friday night for an amazing Italian wine tasting event to be held in the Morso Gallery. My artwork will be in the Gallery for 1 more week – so I hope you can Read more about Art and Wine[…]

What Colors Make Your Heart Dance?

Different colors speak to different people We all have our favorites – most often based on the colors that look good on us, the colors that spark good memories, or the colors we are exposed to in our favorite surroundings. The beauty is – the colors that make your heart dance may be very different Read more about What Colors Make Your Heart Dance?[…]